I’m Sebastien, 29, from Belgium. I am a lot into music, and some years ago i became attracted by the visual dimension too. A friend of mine ( had a LC-A that he used brillantly.
I borrowed it once, going to Poland. I liked the shots much, and i checked eBay to find some Lomo. Finally found a Smena 8M for 15€, which I bought. I was surprised that my first pictures with it were quite good, better than expected, although i didn’t really understand how it worked. With time, I began to consider my Smena like a little friend. So I still bring it with me when I move to new landscapes. I shoot with my phone too, but the real pleasure is when going to the store to see the Smena result. It’s always challenging, not easy as with an automatic. You can loose some frames you really were sure about, as you can be amazed by accident. Love the lo-fi feeling too.

I really abuse about double- and multiple exposures :
First I was shooting many times on the same frame. Now I begin to wind and rewind the films randomly, (fixing the film with tape, to be sure it doesn’t wind to the end…) never knowing which images will melt. I also think about taking the film away, and using it years later to reshoot it. The important is to get that kind of surprise/accident that is hard to get with digital cameras. I also built my own splitzer. Smena forever, definitely.

Also looking for exchanging used films, with other Lomo people from around the globe, then reshoot them, and get this multiple exposure collective experience. If anybody is interested, mail me !!
I’d be very excited about it.

My Flickr free account is now full (200 pictures), but you can find more there and on my blog.

Some pictures i took with my Smena-8M :

From first roll. Andalucia.

In Estonia.



more at:
HILLS GO 400 flickr    |


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